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Creative Developer @NYT in London, Ex-Software Developer @ThoughtWorks. Passionate about Creative Coding and Hardware.

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Getting started with Pact testing

A few days ago, I had to run a brown bag session about Pact testing. I had absolutely no idea what it was but I had to prepare the workshop anyway so I started by...

Virtual Reality In the Browser with Three.JS

Virtual Reality is going to be big, if we like it or not. Learning how to build 3D environments is not easy though, it takes a lot of time and practice. However, if you want to try something a bit simpler than 3DMax, Unity and C#, the Three.JS library offers the opportunity to create some VR effect.


Understanding Unidirectional Data Flow with Flux

I started using React.js on a project I am working on at the moment and while I am trying to have a better understanding of how everything works, I've done some research around the difference between two-way data binding and unidirectional data flow (or one-way data binding)...

How to install OpenCV 3 on Mac

I'm planning on starting a project involving computer vision using the OpenCV framework. As I've had some troubles getting everything installed and running a basic project, I'm writing this tutorial to help anyone who's going through the same process, hoping it will make it easier ...

Turning the Makey Makey Into a Capacitive Sensor

I bought a Makey Makey a few months ago and when I started playing with it, I realised quickly that having to attach one of the alligator clip to your wrist or finger to be able to use the device properly made the experience a bit less exciting for me...